TModern costumes are unique to or typical of a single country or ethnic group, and typically preserve vital aspects of the society from which they derive. In places where contemporary Western fashion has become widespread, traditional costumes are often worn in connection with special events and celebrations, particularly those related to cultural rituals, heritage or pride.

Basically, traditional costumes are just clothing; what makes them stand out is the underlying intention not only of representing a group of people but also of joining this group of people in harmony with the other groups.

“Vastra” was an initiative taken by our Rotaract club of IIT in collaboration with several international Rotaract clubs from all over the world. This was a project which promotes international understanding through two phases, where the first phase was held throughout September, and it was an excellent chance to witness cultural awareness at its best. Costumes are widely known for their particular mixture of colours, but it is little known that colours and patterns bear a symbolic significance to society. Designs such as vivid geometric forms and ancient symbols are the definitive factors of making colourful patterns in their traditional costumes.

Traditions of history and clothes were authentically exhibited by international rotaract clubs around the world. Short videos were shared through our club pages to showcase their unique culture.

  • Rotaract Club of Manipal International University, Malaysia
  • Rotaract club of Fanos, Ethiopia
  • Rotaract club of Temuco Norte, Chile
  • Rotaract Club of Atrons, Ethiopia
  • Rotaract club of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
  • Rotaract club of IIT, Sri Lanka
  • Rotaract Club Cali Norte, Colombia
  • Rotaract club ESSEC Tunis, Tunisia
  • Rotaract club of Barangay Palatiw Scholar, Philippines
  • Rotaract club of Debo, Ethiopia
  • Rotaract club of Barrackpore, India
  • Rotaract club of PUP San Juan, Philippines
  • Rotaract club of Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Rotaract club of Palmas, Brazil
  • Rotaract club of JIT, India
  • Rotaract club of Gravatai, Brazil
  • Rotaract club of Fusion Latina, Peru
  • Rotaract Club Tucuman 9 de Julio, Argentina
  • Rotaract club Nabeul Neapolis, Tunisia
  • Rotaract club PHC, provisional club, Australia
  • Rotaract Esprit, Tunisia
  • Rotaract Del Lago, Venezuela
  • Rotaract Hammam Lif, Tunisia
  • Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, Nepal

Vastra phase 02 was a platform where we conducted Sri Lanka’s traditional competition, “Aurudu Kumara Kumariya” on an international level.

Rotaract Club of UNNC, China Rotaract Club de Pirapozinho, Brazil Rotaract Club of GSS Jain, India Rotaract Club of Oyo Central, Nigeria Rotaract Club of Mount Aureol, Sierra Leone Rotaract Club Cuprija Morava, Serbia Rotaract Club de Pelatos Norte, Brazil Rotaract Club of Apo, Nigeria

Written By – Deuni Chandraratne