Value of Friendship by Arpita

Native Language – Hindi

It’s RAJ’s trio-Ridhi,Arpita, Jessica. Teen tigada, kaam bigada”. Hmari 7 saal ki dosti mei aaj tak kuch Shanti se nahi hua to ab kaise ho sakta tha. Jessica ka birthday 27Nov,2021. Humne plan kiya Jessica ko chota sa surprise dene ka. Jessica ko koi hint nahi tha. Hum cake lekar nikalte hain gift lene ke liye,vaha jake pata chalta hai money is lost, jugaad karke gift lete hain or fir Jessica ke ghar ki taraf! Vaha road behaal,narrow road or beech mei JCB, no way to go. Hum ek jagah se nikalte hai, par age drain tha or Jessica ko hum bula nahi sakte the. 2inch ka wooden board rkhke, aeroplane mode mei Ridhi Activa nikalti hai! Aur Jessica rooftop par hoti hai,vo hume dogs upar chadh gye soch kar zor se chilla deti hai! Atlast hum celebrate krte hain and till we returned, Jessica was in disbelief ki hum vaha the!

English translation

It’s RAJ’s trio-Ridhi,Arpita,Jessica. Our trio could never complete any task without facing difficulty in past 7 year of our friendship. 27Nov,2021-Jessica’s birthday. We planned to surprise her. Without her knowing,we bought the cake and then move ahead to buy gift for her,reached there and got to know that the money was lost. After a lot of juggle,we arranged for something and got gift for her,moves ahead to Jessica’s home. And there, the narrow road leading to her home was under construction with a JCB in middle of the road. We found one very small way but finds a drain at its end,clueless what to do! We arranged for a 2inch narrow wooden board and Ridhi in a flying position crossed the activa from there. Jessica was on the rooftop,and as we reached,she got scared&shouted thinking us of dogs climbed up the roof. Atlast we celebrated and Jessica remained in disbelief of our presence at her place!

Written by : Rtr. Arpita

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