Uni 101

University 101 – Dive into the world of software by RACIIT. “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates. As the IT sector continues to revolutionize the world, more people appear to be interested in pursuing a degree in information technology. 

The Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology organized an educational series titled “University 101” in order to provide some insight on key tools and technologies related to the IT industry. The first phase of this project took place on the 7th of August via zoom and covered topics on exploring the developer roadmap. School-leavers, participants in foundation programs, and undergraduate students interested in learning how to manage an IT degree successfully made up the majority of the audience for this event. 

To conduct this enlightening session we invited Mithushan Jalangan, the co-founder of Async Dot pvt ltd and a former IITian and a Senior Software Engineer at Paladin Analytics, who came in to share his knowledge and experience with the ambitious set of individuals who had signed up for the event. In addition to being a community builder, a tech speaker, and an active IEEE volunteer, Mithushan has been developing software professionally for three years and as a hobby for five years. He also has a background in organizing and launching campaigns to support university-level technological education and the startup ecosystem. 

He provided a thorough explanation of how students who want to pursue IT careers can maximize the benefits an IT degree can offer, as well as an interactive session on exploring the developer roadmap. He also gave us advice on how to succeed in the development field and how to handle interviews.

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