The main idea of the project was to strengthen the bond beyond boundaries and to make new friends from our neighboring country. In order to get a long-term partnership with Rotaract Clubs beyond our district we thought of having a twin club agreement with the Rotaract club of Pune Mid East from India.

Donation under Rendezvous 3.0.(Our joint project was a donation we did to poor families helping with dry rations and some school items) 2. Joint Bulletin – Our joint bulletin was named Rendezvous 3.0 which was an initiation from our twin club which collected all their sister clubs and twin clubs with the bulletin. 3. Joint E-Meeting – We conducted a joint meeting hosted on Zoom on 3rd May 2020 with a minimum number of 6 participants as required in the twin club agreement criteria. Here we got to know their club members as well as what they are doing and bit more about their culture also, we discussed about the projects each club has done so far. This was a good opportunity to exchange bonds and to get more ideas in how we can strengthen bonds in future.

Since this was the last task left in completing the twin club criteria and due to current situation in the world as most of the members couldn’t step out both the clubs decided to do something new. So from Rotaract club of Pune Mid-East they made Sri Lankan Cuisine – Coconut Roti and Pol Mellum (The cuisines were available for fellowship on the event of Rendezvous 3.0 on 2nd November 2019 at Satav Hall) From our club, our club members painted the famous monument of Taj Mahal and famous Havelock Island of Andamans.

The letterhead exchanged happened during the IDYEP joint meeting held at Achievers Lanka Business School. Rtr. Priyanka from Pune Mid East and Rtr.Harkim and Rtr.Tashiya exchanged letterheads after the joint meeting.

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