The main idea of the project was to strengthen the bond beyond boundaries and to make new friends from our neighboring country. In order to get a long-term partnership with Rotaract Clubs beyond our district we thought of having a twin club agreement with the Rotaract club of Aundh from India.

Our joint project was about spreading peace around the world so we got Rotaract Aundh to tell what they feel about Sri Lanka and our club told about what we feel about India in order to get a good understanding about the two countries as well as to say India and Sri Lanka are two good friend countries since old days and now we make it even stronger by standing united.2. Joint Bulletin – Our joint bulletin was about projects each Rotaract Aundh and our club did in order to get a mutual understanding about projects and to do more projects together in future.

We conducted a joint meeting hosted via houseparty app on 29 th March 2020 with a minimum number of 6 participants as required in the twin club agreement criteria. Here we got to know their club members as well as what they are doing and bit more about their culture also, we discussed the projects each club has done so far.

This was a good opportunity to exchange bonds and to get more ideas on how we can strengthen bonds in future. Since the app had gaming options such as testing general knowledge and guessing the drawing, we were engaged in those as a fun session as well.

The twinning day was about celebrating holi by both the clubs in order to make the clubs more colourful and bright by spreading colours on eachother.Our club did it as Epistoler phase 2 which was also included with a holi festival. Here not only our club members but friends from our very own district also got the chance to celebrate holi as well as to know what their culture is like. The letterhead exchanged happened during the IDYEP joint meeting held at Achievers Lanka Business School. Rtr. Tanishka from Aundh and Rtr. Harkim and Rtr.Tashiya exchanged letterheads after the joint meeting.