Halloween is a night for fun, fear and laughs. A night to be afraid and to enjoy the thrill of fear. A night of mystery, where you can be anyone or anything. A werewolf, a witch, a ghost or even a celebrity. The possibilities are endless as we explore our wildest imagination and our greatest fears. A Halloween season would not be complete without a fantastic Halloween party to cap it off. The Rotaract Club of the Informatics Institute of Technology as the veterans of this tradition proudly hosted the annual Halloween party, Sally’s Manor 2019.

Sally’s Manor this year was celebrated in style with its best turnout yet. Nearly a thousand participants were a part of this unforgettable event. Five lucky winners were even able to win tickets for this spectacular Halloween party through a social media giveaway. The guests were treated to a thrilling, horrifying but exciting horror house decorated to the theme “Haunted Hospital”. This was to match the backstory that was created for this year’s Halloween inspiration. The storyline features a hospital where a horrifying incident took place while a baby was born and of course the famous legend that is Sally’s ghost that has gripped the hearts and minds of all IIT students throughout the years. Sally’s story is one that has been a part of the IIT legacy. As a ghost story from the time IIT was a hotel that graced the Sri Lankan coastline. The horror house was spread throughout the corridors of IIT. With a disturbing red theme, fascinating characters and floors of horrors the this event was truly something to behold. Many screams and gasps echoed throughout the night as people stumbled through the dimly lit halls, stairways with bloody words and hands decorating the walls. Bloody body parts, hospital equipment, frightful doctors and ghoulish nurses were all part of this spectacle. The final count of visitors to Sally’s manor 2019 horror house was a chilling eight hundred and twenty.

Guests could also get into the Halloween spirit with face painting that allowed them to truly ‘get their freak on’ regardless if they came in costume or not. After their terrifying ordeal in the horror house, guests could enjoy a party in the hall of Nelly Marine, a short distance from IIT. Here, DJ Shanny delighted all with beats that kept them dancing throughout the night. Guests of this party could also enjoy a wide assortment of food stalls whether it was to eat or drink. The main sponsor of this event was ‘Greenwich Cargo’ while the food partners were kottu mee and kottu kottu, who provided the perfect snack for any party night. The radio partners were Kiss FM and Real Radio who built up the hype through advertisements and shout outs leading up to the event. Technical partners were The Comms Outlet, helping us conduct the event successfully throughout the night. Media partners were none other than the Daily News and the Sunday Observer. Lifestyle media partners for this event were Pegasus Visuals. This event was covered by NowYouSeeMe and Eventer who are both great names in the Photography Field and we were very proud to have them on board for this event.

Sally’s Manor 2019 was a great success that surpassed expectations and created a benchmark for all Halloween parties to come. Being part of a prestigious youth movement for the past seven years, the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology (RAC IIT) has strived to uplift our community and to provide an opportunity for all students at IIT to engage in volunteerism where students learn how to develop themselves as better citizens in the society. This event has helped raise funds for many projects that the RACIIT will conduct which will help many people in the upcoming months. RACIIT hopes to keep developing this Halloween tradition each year and to take it to the next level as it progresses. Next year, as the month of October draws to a close, know that Sally is on her way!

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