This Is Us

“We Believe That Most Cherished Moments Happen When We Friends Get Together”

This is US project is a new initiative taken this year by the IIT Rotaract club. The purpose of doing this project is to build interpersonal connection between members and to find the hidden talents of the club members.

This project’s main target is the newly joined members to get a feel of RACIIT and to get to know more about the club. After the orientation conducted by our university, we usually have a swarm of new members signing up to join the club. But RACIIT does not just accept anyone for that purpose we have a process. This is the first project of the club for new members, and it is mandatory for all the newly signed up members of the club. In this project all the members will divided into random groups, and they will face a series of tasks to be accomplished within three days. At the end of the three days the groups with most interaction win the competition and the most active group members of the groups will be added to RACIIT’s official member group. This even though a project held online has seen a lot of active participation. During this project, the new members face fun challenges almost every four hours such as making a cool dp for there group or making stickers of other people in their groups. It also provides a time to learn the current members of the board as well through fun activities.

Many members even stay in calls till late completing there tasks. The unique aspect is that these members have not even met each or spoken to one another before this project but at the end of the three become the best of friends.

The main reason of this project is giving a chance to new members get to know each other very well and be friendly with others. In RACIIT we believe to create an everlasting bond and friendship amongst our members. So, what better way to start than at the start of their Rotaract journey. The project has seen a success with many members keeping their respective this is us groups active till today.

It will be a plus point to the members and for the club to point out the talents of new members and we could ensure that their talents don’t stay hidden.

Stay tuned with us because there’s always more to come because we are RACIITians and we do lot of things in several ways.

Ranasinghe Arachchige Nimsara Binowan Perera

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