Who is the most important person in your life? Different people can say different things. But literally, the most important person in your life is you! You can agree or disagree but, just take a moment and think about who helped you to be in the place you are in today? Obviously, it’s you. The courage, the determination and the patience you had in yourself had made you be the person you can see in the mirror. Okay but, why should you defend that person? Is it just because you are the most important person in your life? No, you have better reasons to defend yourself than that.

The population of the world is nearly 8 billion. That means there are 8 billion different people around you with 8 billion different personalities. In your day-to-day life, you have to meet and work with all of those people. In such situations, there can be conflicts between you and them. But, if you know how to act accurately in such situations, then you are capable of defending yourself. Another thing you must take to your mind is, that self-defencing is not only limited to physical acts. You can use self-defence for verbal acts too. Especially in a society like today, whatever the gender you belong to, you have to face many verbal harassments. But, knowing how to verbally defend yourself back will help you to survive in society without any hindrance. Is it only the people you must defend yourself from? No, you have to defend yourself from animals, natural disasters, diseases and millions of living and non-living things. But, how can you defend yourself?

Before learning self-defence, you must have self-confidence about yourself. Self-confidence is the strength that gives you the courage to defend yourself. If you have that quality, then you can easily learn to defend yourself physically by studying different fighting methods and movements. At the same time, you can verbally defend yourself by knowing how to respond to others with patience. Other than defending yourself using words and physical actions, you can defend yourself through the experience and the knowledge you have got through in your life.

Self-defence is not only limited to those things mentioned above. It’s a vast area that has a wide range of advantages. If you are capable of defending yourself, then you are capable of anything. Self-defence erases your fear. Self-defence makes you the person who can be yourself. Self-defence teaches you the importance of maintaining personal relationships and many more. This power of defending yourself is the power to survive in society.

Written By -Wijesundera Arachchige Sarith Manthusa Wijesundera