Society has changed with the evolution of technology, especially in the application for practical purposes, in industry, services, and in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. The advances in technology have made our countries safer and our lives easier. Technology has brought us online banking, smart cars, smart TVs, lightning-fast computers, and virtual reality. It has also made easy access to education, medicine, industry, transportation, etc. Due to the convenience and efficiency provided by technology, our lives have improved.

Introducing the tech inspired podcast, TechMeOut, a new initiative launched by the Rotaract club of IIT. This was brought forward due to the increasing importance of technology and the lack of recognition it receives. This project, one of the first of its kind, is a podcast focused on technology.

The subject of all things tech is vast, and not all aspects well known to the general public, TechMeOut will feature leading individuals in their fields, every month as they simplify the complex world of technology and give us an insider’s point-of-view of it.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” -Arthur C Clarke

Podcasts have become something of a trend in the recent past. We hear about and listen to various podcasts on different topics. However, podcasts that are focused on technology are something of a rarity in Sri Lanka.

As undergraduates in a university that is a pioneer in providing education in the field of IT, the TechMeOut team believed that what was presented to them was a chance to revolutionize the field of technology, and it was not an opportunity to pass on.

Furthermore, a platform that would allow tech enthusiasts to come together and receive updates on all the new developments in the field of technology is much needed in Sri Lanka, and TechMeOut is just that.

Featuring our very own RACIITians as the hosts, ‘Kiddie’ and ‘Toothless’, Rasula Yadithya and Afreen Rumie respectively. These talented individuals have hosted highly experienced people in the field of Technology, such as Eng. Arjuna Manamperi, a past Vice President and fellow of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka(IESL) and is also the Vice Chairman of the ICT Industry Skills Council (ICTISC).

Our aim is to make the complicated world of technology easier to understand for everyone, and will also allow tech enthusiasts to receive the latest updates and developments of what’s going on in the world of technology. TechMeOut will garner the recognition and awareness technology deserves.

This podcast also aims at educating and creating an interest among the youth of the country about technology. TechMeOut is available on YouTube, Pocket Casts, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Stay tuned for more!

Written By – Adeeb Gazzaly