It was the summer break for some students while some others still had to get ready for their finals to wrap up the semester. Even when this proved to be a hectic time to balance out extracurricular activities, we at RACIIT did not step back. Among all the other major projects that have been going on; we had our mini-projects as well. These were “Bakes and Flakes”, the “RACIIT Mini Carnival” and the “Movie night”.

When it comes to food who doesn’t love it?! I personally am a big foodie! Food has this superpower to change bad moods within seconds, and that’s why Rtr. Dinuka and his team came up with the mini project Bakes and Flakes, where they sold everyone’s all-time favorite hot dogs! As predicted, on the day of the project, the IIT pool-side was filled up with students, everyone was so eager to get a delicious hot dog for themselves. It was one of those times where the phrase “Good food is sweeter when shared with Good Friends” was proven..

Likewise, to put to an end the unnatural hush that fell over IIT due to exams, Rtr. Sujitha and his team came up with their mini project which was the “RACIIT Mini Carnival”.

On the last day of exams, students rushed out of their exam halls came straight to the common room as that was where the carnival was taking place. Everyone was in queues eagerly waiting for their turn in the games while the common room was filled with laughter, cheering and the enthusiasm of the students. As the carnival came to an end the winners, as well as everyone who participated in the games, received gifts and they all bid farewell to the stress that was weighing them down all this time.

Last but not least, was the ‘Movie night’: who’s not in for catching the latest movies with a bunch of friends at the theater, while endearing in the ritualistic theatrical experience of eating popcorn, in a dimmed room only lit up by the screen. That’s what we witnessed at the Movie night, as a whole bunch of our batch mates flooded into to one of our lecture rooms, where Deadpool 2 was screened by popular choice, one of the most action packed movies of recent times.