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E-mithudama labs

E-MITHUDAMA “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to answer all the questions “– William Allin “Fellowship Through Service” which is the unofficial motto of Rotaract means to forge new relationships with people by serving the community. District 3220 brings in no difference- in serving the community, and the Rotaract Club of

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IGF “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”- Marc Anthony The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) Game Fest otherwise known by the name “IGF” was a project initiated by the Rotaract Club of IIT (RACIIT). An idea that would have let all players compete for fame was introduced six years

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PROJECT WE CAN Did you know that there are benefits of having a nutritional diet during menstruation?! Did you know that not only your hormones but your diet could also be the reason for most of your physical pains during menstruation? All those cramps, headaches and other uneasy and uncomfortable pains can be reduced by a food

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SALLYS MANOR / Sally’s Manor, one of RACIIT’s many signature events, was initiated back in the 2016-17 and during this short span of time, Sally’s Manor has received multiple awards as a mode of recognition. The most recent being the Silver Award won under “Most Outstanding Club Service Fellowship” category. In this RI year, Sally’s Manor took

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The Rotaract Club of IIT recently hosted a hackathon event, Haxmas 2022 with Ascentic as the Platinum Sponsor. Haxmas 2022 brought together some of the best and brightest young minds from the tech community to work on innovative and impactful projects. Ascentic, a leading tech company in Sri Lanka, was proud to sponsor the event and provide

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