"Being Creative is Unique." The Rotaract club of IIT carried out a project called "The Scrap Shop" last year to highlight the budding talents of our RACIITians. This shop is unique in that almost all of the items for sale are 100% recycled and handcrafted. RACIIT set a mission to reduce pollution by recycling newspapers, plastic bottles, and discarded garments, and how we can think outside the box to build products and sell them for reasonable prices. The proceeds that were collected from this shop were utilized for our community service projects.

Initiating a business by selling recyclable items will bring awareness to other popular brands to continue this for sustainability. The products that we sold were canvas paintings, paper art, plant holders, scrunchies, and paper dolls. We had a positive response from people, and we are willing to encourage this kind of cost-effective business that can solve the economic crisis that we are facing now.

Our canvas paintings and canvas were painted by Poorna Senadipathi, and our paper art was done by Indumini Kavya Amerasena. They were inspired by nature, surroundings, magazines, movies, TV series, and other artists. The main target was to bring out the natural skills of artists, help them to enhance them, and give a marketplace for their masterpieces.

Recycled newspaper and plastic bottles were used to create paper art, paper dolls, and plant pots. The objective was to upcycle discarded newspapers and bottles into high-end display dolls, paper art, and plant pots. Scrunchies were our first and unique product. which was fully handcrafted from reclaimed cloth. Scrunchies were also the most popular thing in the scrap.

We made it easier for the community as we had delivery and bank deposit available as well. Recycling is critical for environmental clean-up and keeping our communities clean. We minimize our environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials to create new goods. Recycling's future not only appears bright, but it has grown more important than ever.

Written By - Koushika Umesh