October had almost past and faded into November and the atmosphere was noticeably cooler. The anxious sea breeze has forced the withered leaves dancing from branch to ground to scatter over the sidewalk. When night rolled in, there was no twilight, no sunset, simply a blackness that wrapped snugly to the city. That is when the buried spirits rise from their graves and haunt in hunger for their unfulfilled desires.

Meanwhile, Sally- the legendary soul who is dwelling in the Informatics Institute of Technology since her tragic death from way back, started indicating its presence who is in seek for her long lost fiancé who was seized away by death, which inspired the theme for Sally’s Manor 2018, organized by the Rotaract club of Informatics Institute of Technology to ritualize sally’s marriage and let their love reunite on the 10th of November 2018.

At the entrance was a massive rush of almost 500 folks dressed up in fancy Halloween costumes and face paintings, stuffed with anticipation to witness the horror house that depicted the Sally’s story which started with a teaser video of the encounter of Sally and her fiancé. Afterwards, groups of six people at a time sneaked in through the dark doors which unsealed the gateway to do the evil rounds in the horror house.

The dim light eventually disappeared and pitch black surrounded everything- ate up everything in its path. Then the whispering began, little voices in everyone’s ears, no two people hearing the same. Starting off as the ruins of Sally’s former residence, passing grave

yards of terrifying, screaming ghosts and everyone’s hearts were pounding with unease. Ascending the stair cases knowing that the ghosts await you was the most horrifying thought in everyone’s mind. The spine-chilling zombies and butchers with knives through their bodies and blood splashes, along with nuns and all the spooky creatures lead to Sally’s wedding which made everyone scream their lungs off of sheer panic.

Following the horror house the DJ party was an absolute hit which managed to flip over the fright night chilling the nerves off, alongside with the rich aroma of the mouth-watering food stalls which brought in factor of perfection to the party.
Ultimately, Sally’s Manor 2018 concluded making its mark as a terrific, fun-filled eve reaching remarkable heights, allowing all attendees to behold an exceptional Halloween experience, the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology could ever offer.