In 2020 the word Gaming is a widespread habit among the community. Although many people might think it’s a source of distraction, some find it as a relaxing pill, a way to improve quick decision-making plus, and helps to improve communication skills. The gaming community in Sri Lanka has skyrocketed high enough in the past years and made their place among other activists and nations. To embrace E-Sports in Sri Lanka, the sports avenue of the Rotaract club of IIT hosted an annual gaming festival (IGF). Before this, a mini PUBG mobile tournament was held on the 31st of July 2020.

Due to Covid-19, the tournament took place virtually for the second consecutive year involving players inside IIT and out. Each team consisted of 4 players .A small registration fee of Rs300/- was collected from each team to fill in for the winning prize pool and the most valued player prize (MVP). With a high number of registrations, the committee managed to collect a profit out of the project. The event started around 7.00.p.m. and ended at 11:00.p.m. with the organizing committee announcing the winning team and most valued player. Bearing a few minute complications the committee wrapped up the event successfully getting all the teams satisfied with a winner.

The main goal of the tournament on embracing E-Sports in Sri Lanka was fulfilled. Also, the club wanted to showcase the skills of the participants while making their time useful by being rewarded during their stay at home due to Covid-19. Therefore, this year, the event took place virtually. Our wonderful committee was prepared with proper rules and regulations, so the event began and ended with a smooth flow.

By the end of the day, the club managed to raise funds for IGF, the biggest gaming tournament of the year, which is another project initiated to promote E-Sports in Sri Lanka.

This initiative also brought Rotaract communities together with participants supporting and enlightening the Rotaract spirit.

Written By –Joshua Stephen