Team building isn’t just for the corporate workplace — it can also be used in our day to day life to encourage collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making. And it doesn’t have to involve awkward activities such as a ‘trust fall.’ Engaging, relevant team building activities for students can energize your classroom and take learning to a new level. By accomplishing group tasks, people learn to listen, trust and support each other, while developing life skills such as communication and collaboration — skills that can’t be learned from a textbook, interactive or not. Learning to get along with peers, for example, isn’t something you can pick up through memorization. A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful — not to mention happier and more fun to work with! But team building can be tricky, especially when typical team building activities tend to induce more eye rolls among teammates than high-fives. Whether you were hired to put together some team building initiatives or you think your team just needs to get together and do something fun, workplace team building activities are the way to go.

With the addition of the newest club in town, Rotaract Club of Raffles, Project L.E.A.D was an initiative to build stronger bonds between the two clubs and all the members of both clubs. As a fun filled day full of activities and fun, the project committee decided on experiencing new adventures and activities at the CHE adventure park in collaboration with our Pan Colombo family. With the participation of around 31 participants from both the club we headed out to CHE, in Avissawella a journey of about 4 hours.

Finally arriving at the adventure park, they’ve set up a day full of fun games like zip lining, archery, flat water rafting to high rope adventures etc. both the clubs participated in team building activities and games together to overcome and trust in each other because after all together we can do more than ever. This day truly seemed to be a great success as our bond has grown stronger and together we hope to bring so much more peace and help others in any way possible.