Pro Futsal League

RACIIT Has done it again! Pro futsal league (PFL) is an ongoing futsal tournament organized by the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology (RACIIT) for the second consecutive year. But this time the tournament was taken to the next level by making it and island wide tournament consisting of rotaractors from all over Sri Lanka based on the province of their rotaract club. The provinces were then divided into 3 zones for the stages of the tournament. The western province (zone 1) stage of the tournament was successfully concluded on the 26th of March 2022 at Club Fusion, Boralesgamuwa. 

A total of 10 teams consisting 8 male teams and 2 female teams took part in this stage. And to once again promote fair play and camaraderie the process of selecting these players for the contest was done by players registering individually through a provided form, and being able to explain their skills and preferred position on a team (Attacker, Defender, and Goalie). A total of 168 registrations were sent, out of which only 64 were chosen for the male teams and 16 for the female teams. These players were then placed in an auction to determine their team. On the day of the auction which took place on the 21st of February a total of 10 managers were announced for each team, and they were able to bid on the players they wanted for their team using the allocated bidding points used in this auction. 

There are  8 men’s teams: Tuskers, Akela,Ceros,Hydra,Raptors,Grizzly, Stags and Valiente. And amazingly strong women’s teams: Panthera and Phoenix.

With each team having roughly a month to get to know themselves and their opponents while training for the challenging games ahead the day of this contest finally arrived. The tournament was held on the 26th of March 2022 9.30 a.m. onwards at Club Fusion, Boralesgamuwa. The male division was held in a league format such that all 8 teams played against one another to qualify for the playoffs where the top 4 teams have a chance at the Grand prize. While the female division would consist of 2 matches where they battled it out to decide the winner.  A prize giving ceremony was held after all the respective matches were concluded. And in the end Team Tuskers emerged victorious in the male division along with Team Panthera winning the female division. While Team Stags and Team Phoenix took runners up in their respective division. 

Speaking of winners for PFL 2022 in men’s category Team Tuskers won the championship with Team Stags following to the Runner’s up position. The golden boot award was won by Jacob Atkinson from Team Tuskers. The player of the tournament was won by Mohammed Imaaz from Team stags along with Ishrath Raji winning the Goalie of the tournament also from team Stags.

In the Women’s Category  the team to win the championship was team Panthera with Phoenix becoming the Runner’s up. The player of the tournament was won by Ruwanya Abeyawardena from team Panthera and the goalie of the tournament was won by Vinuri Nirodya Andradi also from Team Panthera.

After the success of the first edition of PFL which had the goal of creating fellowship and friendship amongst Rotaract Clubs in the country. RACIIT decided to make this edition of the tournament even bigger to involve even more Rotaract clubs and further empower their goal.  But the action is not over. As the top 4 teams will find themselves soon facing off against the best players from zone 2 and zone 3. As these zones will also go through a similar contest to decide their best teams.

If the zone 1 tournament was any indication of what to expect. Then we can safely say that the next stages of PFL will be full of futsal action which you don’t want to miss out on.

Written by : Rtr.Mohamed Hanif Ameen

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