Point Of Order

A project centered on public speaking and debate abilities was called “point of order.” Organized by the IIT Rotaract Club. This project was an annual board of directors debating session, but we were able to expand the project’s scope this time. This time, the project included three phases. The director’s debate was the first part, followed by a webinar on public speaking and debating skills led by Mr. Ashwin Laksumanage, and the debate competition, which was only open to RACIITians and IITians, was the last phase. The exco served as judges for the day’s discussion in the first phase, which was a pleasant event with the board of directors and the exco. The two teams, “Pdf files” and “Say no to pedos,” were made up of the directors. The discussion on “Is age difference between two spouses significant in an adult relationship?” was ultimately won by team “Pdf files.” Mr. Ashwin Laksumanage focused on the fundamentals of debate and public speaking during the second phase’s free webinar. All of the attendees to the online Google Meet meeting enjoyed hearing their fellow batch mates and friends discuss the subjects that were presented by our guest speaker during this very interactive event. The debate competition, which was the initiative’s most fascinating phase, was the last stage.

Four teams battled to be the day’s champions, with judges Mr. Santhuka Rupathunga and Mr. Hirusha Perera serving as professional debaters and members of the Model United Nations. After the first round, the judges choose two teams to compete on the question, “Are introverts or extroverts more likely to succeed in life?” The last round’s topic was “Are schools with only one gender better for students? It sparked a lively discussion about the subject. After a Q&A session with the audience, the judges provided personalized commentary for each debater, bringing an end to “Point Of Order 2022.”

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