The dawn of the new year brought Covid-19, more commonly known as the Corona Virus, a pandemic of massive scale that raged across the globe, costing millions of lives and affecting every aspect of life imaginable. Even after ten strenuous months, Covid-19 has still refused to die down in most parts of the world, causing people to adjust themselves to “The New Normal”, a life where people have to go about their lives despite the pandemic.

The Rotaract Club of IIT brought forth a two-day online webinar under the initiative “Pandemic 2020”, an International Service Project focused mainly on having discussions about this ‘New Normal’. Partnered with the Rotaract Club of Osmangazi Kulubu of Turkey.

PANDEMIC 2020 brought together several speakers from Brazil, Turkey and Sri Lanka to allow its viewers to have an understanding of how people in other countries have been affected by the pandemic.

Ana Vasconcelos, Daniel Assad, and Rafael De La Vega representing Brazil spoke on the impact and the aftermath of Covid-19 on various spheres of their country including economy and healthcare. Rtr. Ege Parali, a Rotarator from Rotaract Club of Osmangazi, spoke about the education difficulties they face in Turkey due to the pandemic. Dr. Thushari Dabrera from Sri Lanka was also present to shed light on the situation created in the country due to the pandemic. The viewers that participated in these webinars also had the opportunity of directing questions toward the speakers.

BGarnering over (number) viewers, PANDEMIC 2020 was able to successfully bring awareness to the impact of Covid-19 in other parts of the world, and most importantly affirm the message that despite all adversities, we should keep moving forward.

“We are in this together – and we will get through this, together.” -Antonio Guterres

Written By – Hiruni Hettiarachchi