The project, Mind-Fizz was based on a quiz competition, where both Rotaractors and Non-Rotaractors were invited to participate in it. This project was conducted as an online trivia. Each participant had to participate in a group of minimum four members or a maximum of five members.

According to the given rules and regulations, all groups and their team members had to provide a valid Gmail address and a hangout account since the competition was conducted virtually via google hangouts. In addition, each participant had to fill the registration form and they were asked to be logged in with their devices ten minutes prior to the event.

During the competition, all the teams were given a variety of quizzes, which they had to solve. Moreover, a pre-segment video was added under the topic of community service, where the teams were asked to send a video of them presenting an act of kindness, through which extra points were added. The winning team was selected according to the points each team had earned. As a result, the team with the highest points won the competition concluding the competition by receiving their awards.

Written By – Minuli Rodrigo

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