A microproject is a short-term fundraising effort to help achieve a specific activity or support a specific individual. Microprojects are a great fundraising tool that helps you capture the attention of donors with a specific, actionable goal and an urgent giving deadline.

At RACIIT, we have micro projects as fundraisers and to get the newly joined members of our club have an experience in organizing an event. We start with assigning a chair, secretary, treasurer, PR incharge etc. basically a committee to organize the project and we let them come up with their own ideas and be incharge of that project.

Over the years, we at RACIIT have always had a rule to become a member of the club, an individual would have to come for at least 3 general

meetings and ber a part of a Micro project. These projects differ from Food stalls within IIT premises – could be achcharu, brownies, cake, juice and many more! We once even had a carnival that was organized by one batch.

Each year we see different and innovative projects come out which help fund most of the projects that we have planned throughout the rotaract year, it also helps the newcomers understand how a rotaract club functions and gives them a better experience in future projects.