Life as President

The transition from a personal development director to a president was drastic. When I started the year in July 2021, I was thrown with many difficulties the biggest one being covid 19. I witnessed many areas in the club that lacked a lot of attention too. Which I thought I could improve by setting goals and objectives. I established a strong bond with all my members and directors and created many memories that I’d never forget. 

To build a form of unity within the club we initiated a house system. The house system managed to increase the competition amongst the club members. This also advertently unified, motivated and increased participation in the club and its branching activities.  

In the middle of the year the difficulties that we faced as a club threatened to stagnate club activities. We incorporated more fun online activities to bring the members of the club together and increase participation for other online events. We were able to form new bonds in this new environment and strengthen the old ones. All this gave me the opportunity to make connections and memories with people of different cultures and races from all around the country. 

Being the president of this prestigious club has been an awesome yet tiresome post to hold. We have been awarded the most striving club of the year in the previous general assembly and it was a responsibility of mine to uphold that stature for RACIIT. From selecting my directors to the projects we have done and to do in the future have been some of the best choices I made and will never regret anything of this year one bit. I have had the most fun with my executive board members who have been my pillar of strength supporting me and guiding me through this year and my board of directors aka my kids as well. All whilst doing good to the community around me.

I hope I have led this club to a good place and done as much good as me and my board can to develop the country to a better place. 

Written By : Rtr.Induwara Mapalagama (President of RACIIT 2021-2022)

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  • Aakif Ahmed
    January 24, 2023

    Good stuff!

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