Both IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) are essential but distinct subjects that, when combined, provide a complete image of human intelligence.

EQ is the ability to assess and control the emotions of yourself as well as others around you or to effectively apply the power and insights of emotions.

IQ is the ability to understand something using logical reasoning, spatial thinking, math skills, etc. It’s also just a number derived from different standardized tests, because the number/score you get is just an indication of how intelligent you are on a rational level rather than an emotional level, and it’s based on how you performed on a standardized test in comparison to other people your age.

Even though you did not analyze those test scores, your IQ level shows how much you depend on logic when coming to a conclusion or finding an answer. And how much you follow emotions when searching for an answer or understanding something.

However, the Rotaract Club of IIT initiated “IQ and EQ” at the beginning of the year to tap into the inner skills of our very own board members and test their IQ level and EQ stability. Which, as we believe, in return, helped them find their strengths and weaknesses.

Project IQ and EQ were performed exclusively for the board members via an online platform, although the original intention was to conduct the project for a wider audience, but was unable due to the current situation in the country.

First, the board members had to complete the test while being monitored, which was then followed by a feedback session on how to improve and polish their skill set where satisfaction and excitement of learning their capabilities, weaknesses, and increasing intellectual knowledge brought contentment to every member.

Overall, the project was a huge success, and it is safe to say that the board members had a great time.

Written By – Disuri Gunasekara