International Youth Day


International Youth Day, which was introduced by the United Nations organisation, was fixed on August 12th every year. This particular day focuses on the difficulties that some young people are experiencing throughout the world. In fact this is an awareness Day designated by U.N.O. The objective of this awareness Day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural, educational, political, health concerns and social economic challenges in keeping the individual countries concerned.

Throughout the world it has been a common request of youth to lower the voting age. As an example in Sri Lanka voting has been legalized from 18 years upwards. Due to the high brain drain of those who can afford overseas education the youth population is being reduced dramatically. Hence the voting age should be lowered at least to the age of 16 or the youths ‘of that country may migrate to other countries.

Teenage years, adolescence or youth all these terms belong to the same set of mischievous, playful, youngsters who try to work according to their will. They are fun makers too. So International Youth Day must be organized according to their will mixing with fun making activities especially giving attention to sports activities.

On this particular day we should not forget about the smart nations and the youths who live there. Those youths are starving and face severe food shortages; wealthy nations must lend a hand and land a heart for those poor youth. Then this will be a better place to live.

Written by : Rtr. Binowan Perera

Thumbnail Designed by : Rtr. Ridma Palansuriya

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