International Day Of Friendship

There are all different kinds of friends. They could be someone we first met when we were young, a classmate from school, a stranger we met at work, or a buddy of a friend. They might be distant buddies from another country or internet acquaintances we’ve established. Regardless of who they are or how we met them, we have a unique connection with them because we have a history and interests in common, and we like doing things together or just talking and getting to know each other. Friends are there for us in both good and bad times, to support us. Friendships are crucial for our physical and emotional wellbeing at all stages of life, according to doctors. The importance of friendship can also be felt globally. Cross-border friendships can contribute to peace and prevent conflict. We can work together to create a culture of peace by learning to view those who are different from us as our friends.

Your confidence may be boosted by having people you can trust. On the other hand, being without friends can make you feel alone and helpless, which renders you helpless against several problems, such as depression and drug usage. Your confidence will be formulated if you can rely on at least one person.

During our life’s journey, we can meet various types of friends. For instance, the person you get along with the best at school is your best buddy.

There is also another group of your siblings. No matter how much you try to reject it, your siblings or older siblings are the pals who stick by you throughout your entire life. You have a distinct kind of friendship with them because you frequently disagree with them. However, you’ll notice that they are the first to come to your aid when you’re in need.

Professional friends are a different group of friends. Such pals only appear once you reach adulthood and settle on a career. These pals, who are typically from the same organization, are beneficial during your transitional years. Some of them frequently stick by you even when you switch employers.

Written by : Rtr. Thulana Thidaswin

Thumbnail Designed by : Rtr. Aron Fernando

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