International Day of Charity

The International Day of Charity can be thought of as a day to demonstrate humanity in a time when humanity is rapidly vanishing. The 5th of September marks this special day. The reason behind this specific date is to commemorate the passing away of Mother Teresa, who was well-known for her charity endeavours. This day was first celebrated in Hungary in 2011. But to honour the significant service perform by all the charities, the United Nations (UN) declared an annual International Day of Charity in 2012.

What is charity? Charity is generosity and helpfulness toward the needy or suffering. Ever since the beginning of time, people have been volunteering for charitable causes for many reasons. But the ultimate goal of charitable works is to put an end to poverty. According to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the UN, poverty is one of the enormous global challenges. Every nation suffers from poverty. Therefore, it is essential to spread the awareness of charitable giving among each and every citizen of the world, irrespective of their culture, traditions, ethnicity, or gender. This day plays a major role to overcome that challenge.

You might now be wondering how to observe the International Day of Charity. Charity in the broadest sense includes providing more than just money and material goods to those in need. You can also be a part of a charity, by donating your valuable time for the betterment of society. A wise man once said, “Your Greatness is not what you Have, it’s what you Give”. The International Day of Charity is the day when everyone in the world can contribute as much as they can and prove that claim. But it shouldn’t just take place today. On every other day, this should proceed continually. Let us stand as one and overcome this global challenge for a better future. Happy International Day of Charity!

Written by : Rtr. Sarith Wijesundara

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