“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”- Marc Anthony

The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) Game Fest otherwise known by the name “IGF” was a project initiated by the Rotaract Club of IIT (RACIIT). An idea that would have let all players compete for fame was introduced six years ago by RACIITians who shared a passion for gaming. Many people who enjoy watching and participating in eSports call IIT home. As the years went by, this tournament ultimately rose in size and level of competition. The main objective of this initiative is to bring together Rotaractors and fans of electronic sports to engage in friendly competition while demonstrating their enthusiasm for and expertise in gaming. One of the most well-known gaming events currently is the IGF, which IIT successfully hosted for six years in a row. IIT has a history of producing champions who are well-known in the local and international e-sports scenes, including Noob alliance (nA), one of the largest gaming communities in SL. Every year, the event covers all three gaming platforms. Many young people undoubtedly have their sights set on the influence of gaming. Henceforth the importance of having an event like IGF is to further promote and develop the gaming culture and community within Sri Lanka.

IGF is a project which would have never been attempted twenty or so years ago. However, with the aid of rapid technological evolution such as fast internet speeds, social media, console and PC improvements, etc. Six years ago the project finally came to fruition. The concept of gaming as a whole has also come a long way, years ago it was only a dream for children let alone adults to be able to play video games for a living. With the creation of video streaming platforms like YouTube and/or Twitch gamers were given a platform to not only showcase their gaming skills but also their unique personalities. Gamers were also given the opportunity to use the aforementioned platforms to interact with their audience as well as have their audience interact with them. The culture of gaming has also been gaining traction in Sri Lanka. Companies are also beginning to take notice of this change and are adapting by allowing and encouraging employees to represent their companies and take part in mercantile gaming competitions. This undoubtedly contributes to enhancing the quality of life of the employees.

This year’s IGF was conducted on a hybrid basis, certain game tournaments had to be played online while other certain game tournaments were conducted physically. There were a total of 600+ gamers involved in all tournaments. In terms of teams which took part in the tournaments, a total of 108 teams participated. Some of the games that used the online format of conducting the tournament were: Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, CSGO, Valorant, PUBG Mobile and Dota 2. In addition to the games mentioned previously, there were also tournaments held for games like FIFA 21 and Mortal Kombat which were conducted physically. There were several teams and individuals who won various cash prizes at the conclusion of the event. However, the more notable achievements were the new friendships made throughout the event. The downside to being a gamer is often not having a considerable amount of interaction physically with other fellow gamers, with IGF gaming enthusiasts are presented with the opportunity to not only game for exciting prizes but to also meet with other enthusiasts and create long lasting bonds. An initiative such as IGF has the potential to not only grow but to also attract more and more avid gamers each year and become a truly spectacular event in the future. Which is why there is such a demand for the continuous implementation of the project each year. IGF truly is a unique event and all those gamers who took part this year are just as excited for what is in store next year.

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