Gamers are not given the credit of how intellectual they should be when gaming professionally. They are judged for wasting time and not progressing in life, but the way they strategize and dedicate themselves to this art is truly mesmerizing. The gaming world is a way of expanding the horizons of creativity and our imagination. It’s a world where we can create what we want and control all aspects of it and we have to admit that is pretty addictive. Not only is it a way of going into a whole new world it’s also a way to escape reality for a few seconds. The gaming experience keeps intensifying each year and the limit of our creativity keeps getting bigger. The current generation doesn’t see gaming as a hobby but more of a passion and the Rotaract Club of IIT wanted to showcase that to everyone else by our very own, IIT GameFest also known as “IGF”.

IIT GameFest has taken place for the 4th consecutive time and it was taken to its highest peak by the committee this year. With the development of the technological areas of graphics the games keep getting more detailed and addictive. This year it consisted of Dota 2, Call of Duty 4, FIFA 19, Mobile Legends, Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. The biggest and trendiest games were showcased with professional gamers as well as kids and adults from all over the island. This year IGF became a ranked tournament making it one of the biggest projects we have done so far for the year and we are proud to say this tournaments is ranked as the 3rd best Gaming Tournament in Sri Lanka. IGF was a 2-day event that took place on the 19th and 20th of October at IdeaHell, a venue that everyone was familiar with for its huge free space and video shoots. We were able to partner up with Gamers.lk who helped us on the technical side of things for the event day and was also present for all the matches that took place in it with their very own referees to make sure all gameplay was fairly done. We firstly started off with registrations early morning where gamers came in lines and crowded the premises within minutes and thereafter the games began, with each game the closer they got for their grand prizes. We were able to get down a few stalls for this event consisting of Kottu Kottu, Snow monkey and Pizza Hut. The players and spectators were able to stay the whole day fully energized thanks to all the food that was available for them.

The finale of each game was as intense as it could ever get with the No.1 and No.2 teams in Dota going up against each other and every other final was keeping everyone awake and on the edge of their seats. After all the matches were concluded we held our Awards Ceremony where we handed over the prizes which consisted of certificates, medals and various vouchers from Predator, Treehouse, Adrenaline.lk to the respective winners of Dota 2 being Victorious Secret of

“Clan Xiphos e-Sports, COD4 being iMeX of Clan Maximum e-Sports, Fifa 19 being SID of Clan n00b alliance, Moblie Legends being HYPER REBORN of clan Pheonix Gaming, PubG being FRag A of clan n00b alliance, Fortnite being Rehan of clan Pheonix Gaming. After we congratulated all the players who were victorious we then hosted our very own after party “Glow Night” which featured Jadon Fonka, Shylow and the Neurons who are 3 DJ’s who are featuring in the project “NeverLand”, they kept the hype of the event going until the very end. This event was covered by Pulse and Impulse who are both great names in the Photography Field and we were very proud to have them on board for this event. We ended off with huge compliments from all the players and clans who were involved with this gaming festival and for the committee who worked their every bone it was totally worth it to be appreciated for this event.

Our main goal of pulling of such a large scale project was to fund our award winning project “e-Mithudama”. Last year we were able to win the South Asia Roar Award for the best Community Service Project. We also successfully bagged around 5 awards for this project in the District Assembly. The basic idea of e-Mithudama is to give the children in rural areas a platform for them to increase their creativity and imagination. How we managed to do that was by finding 6 schools who had the dedication to learn IT and then build an IT lab for each school. These labs were named as “X-Labs” and they consisted of around 30 PCs for all the children to actively engage in them. This project is prestigious for its sustainability, how we managed to make it a sustainable project? Well every 4 years we visit the labs we previously made and repair or replace any broken merchandise inside the labs. In addition to that we also provide them with the basic knowledge of IT for them to get a head start of what they can accomplish in life with technology in their side. This is the reason for initiating such a huge project such as IGF, to be able to fund the creation of labs for other schools every year.

We keep rising the scale of each project each year and we all hope you all will be ready for next years IGF because this year was just the foundation as to what it can actually become. Hope you keep your calendar marked for the next one and until then you have time to maximize all your gaming skills.