TThe game of billiards is one of the famous sports categorized under the title of cue sports. It is also the first sport that had a world championship in 1873. Billiards is a game that requires a high level of determination, attentiveness, precision, and vigilance to play. People who play cue sports have the mentality of working under pressure and they are well trained to take the shots in difficult or unstable situations. This sport is popular all over the world, including in Sri Lanka. Billiards is popular among the younger generations and workaholics in the country. A billiards table can be rented for an hour of play for rupees 200/-at minimum. Since as of today billiards has a larger player base in the country, many businesses profit greatly from promoting this game. The Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) along with the Rotaract club Colombo Fort hosted the Project Hot Pockets 2020, billiards tournament for the second consecutive year.

With the release of certain restrictions which were imposed due to Covid-19, people were set to follow their normal routine abiding by the health guidelines .The event took place on the 19th of September at Stripes pool parlor.

The registration desk was open at 9.00. a.m. at the tournament venue with a total of 35 registrations . The tournament was an open event where both non-rotaractors and non-rotaractors participated. The playoffs began at 10.00 am immediately after the registration process. Registered participants also had the opportunity to re-enter the tournament.

The tournament came to an end at 11.00 pm, announcing the winners. 1st place: Ihsan Ali 2nd place: Jerome Anthony 3rd place: Thakshan Kumar

The entire tournament took place in a single day, and not only did the participants enjoy a good game of billiards, but they also made new friends,re-unite with the old friends, learned new ways to overcome obstacles, and were able to reboot themselves after the long pandemic lifestyle

The Rotaract club of IIT and Colombo Fort wrapped up the 2020 hot pocket tournament in style, saying “It was and will be an annual event in the Rotaract calendar to increase the bond and fellowship between the two joint clubs.” Besides, there is guaranteed sustainability in this project as Billiards is a game anyone can play and is currently still one of the favorite games amongst the community in Sri Lanka.

Written By – Joshua Stephen

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