‘HaXmas’ is an annual Ideathon organized by the Rotaract club of Informatics Institute of Technology with the mission of bringing like-minded people with innovative ideas together to compete against one another while pushing the limits of technology. This project which was initiated for the sole reason of giving everyone a chance to showcase their unique ideas and receive recognition from the latest emerging companies will be happening for the third consecutive time this year. It was a month-long project which consisted of an Initial pitch, mentor session and a final pitch.

HaXmas 2020 commenced at around 9.30am on the 19th of January with the initial pitch which was held at StartupX Foundry, Colombo. Participants were paired by choice, to teams comprising 3-4 members each and out of the 60+ registrations we received, 20 teams were selected to take part in the initial pitch. After the registration process, refreshments were served and the participants submitted a Proof of concept (P.O.C) and pitched in their ideas which were based on the sustainable development goals presented by the United Nations to a panel of judges. After the completion of this phase, the three judges chose 3 teams each to mentor for the rest of the competition. The mentors guided their respective assigned teams to polish and refine the solutions brought forth by the participants and with this initial pitch was successfully concluded

Afterward, the teams once again were shortlisted to 8 teams by the panel of judges during the semi-final round and these teams were eligible to the final pitch. The final pitch was held on the 1st of February 2020 at the Virtusa auditorium, Orion city. The final battle was filled with much excitement and anticipation as the 8 teams battled their way through, pitching out their very best and capturing the minds of the audience with their mind-blowing innovations. Out of the 8 teams that made it to the final round, Team oxygen Emerged winners while team Hack elite and team Mora Energy won 2nd and 3rd places respectively, contributing their innovative and brilliant ideas. The final pitch was rounded off by handing over the relevant prices to the winners and tokens of appreciation to our distinguished judges, Thereby, completing project Haxmas 2020 and making it a day to remember!