Self-defense? Self-defense yes! Ok, you might overlook this topic and also might scroll away but hold on, the best part is yet to come. So you may or may not be aware of the great threat you face, with the rise of crimes that happen nowadays.

Okay, real talk; want to face these challenges with a clear focus on taking effective measures to defend yourself? This is where “FIERCE 3.0” comes to the spotlight

An initiative taken by the Rotaract club of IIT in collaboration with the interact club of Visahka Vidyalaya, to basically prepare the youth for the many challenges they face today, where all forms of teasing, harassment and even violence is much more alarming than you may realize and it calls for everyone to be proactive and respond to any crisis situation with tact and confidence.

This was the third consecutive year that the project “FIERCE” was held. We had over 90 participants for this workshop and it was held at the Royal college sports complex. Which was a huge success, we had to go for a day TWO. How could we not! So Unlike previous years we had a two day self-defense workshop.

Got so carried away I didn’t even mention the exact two dates this was held; so “FIERCE 3.0” happened on the 3rd and the 4th of October. And due to the prevailing situation in the country because of the COVID 19 pandemic, necessary safety precautions were taken on both days of the workshop.

The project started off with the registration of participants.The demonstration session started at 10.30. where we had a two hour training session each day. First day’s training session was done by Mr. Dharmapala Wijesiri, Prageeth Thoradeniya and Tithira Perera. On the second day, it was taken over by the team of instructors from the Sri Lankan Krav Maga Academy where the main objective was to boost our capacity to defend ourselves against potential attacks.

Regardless of the serious topic. This workshop turned out to be of pure entertainment with memorable moments for both the participants and the organizers, with fun and interactive sessions in between training was a well-deserved break for all of them.

The workshop ended with a certificate distribution for all the participants. Tokens of appreciation were given to the instructors .We wouldn’t have been be able to make it this much of a success without the instructors who joined hands with us for this fun filled worthy cause; Dharmapala Wijesiri the chief instructor at the Sri Lanka Krav Maga Academy, Gayantha Sampath senior instructor at SKLA and assistant instructor Dan Bouvard and from the school of Jeet Kune Do, founder and head instructor of MMA Sri Lanka, Prageeth Thoradeniya.

And at last but not least on behalf of the Rotaract club of IIT a special thank you goes out to the generous sponsors whom without we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we did and for helping us make this workshop happen on a large scale; DSI, Sun match, Camera Talk, South seven advertising and the beverage partner, Nestle.

Written By – Disuri Gunasekara

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