Most of you have heard of the word ‘Erudite’, if you haven’t, it means “having or showing great knowledge of learning”. Our Rotaractors are always ready to learn or hear about something new, and of course learning something new would never get old or will always be useful somewhere in your life. Every child, is ultimately sent to school, and then university and then maybe then higher studies or whatever they are passionate about but what we realized is that there are still so many things we don’t learn in that process and there’s so many things that we are yet to learn about. Some believe that being Edurite or gaining knowledge can reduce conflicts and bring peace among people and we believe that is true. Learning doesn’t just mean learning sciences, mathematics etc. you can learn new things from books, paper and mostly from each other.

This was the logic behind introducing our project ‘Erudite’, it is so that we can learn from each other and teach each other what we know through diversity and through our different cultures. For example. The way our mothers cook, each dish might be the same but they always have a different taste to them so these recipes are being passed on through generations and these are what they learnt from their mother, just like that we hope to make this project a learning process where we hope to give everyone the chance to pass on what they know at every session to each other.

Our first session was held earlier this month, we started it off for our members the topic for this session was ‘Basic email and writing skills’. When we first started off with this project or when you hear about this topic you might be thinking why email writing? Don’t they learn this at school? This is so easy!.. But the truth is there might always be people who are willing to improve themselves or people who genuinely don’t know about it and our project ended up being a success with a participation of our members and the session was held by our very own Rtr. Harkim and Rtr. Pethmi, the Secretary and Editor of our club passing on their knowledge of what they know best. Our members who participated in this session were very interactive with their questions and their willingness to always learn more and improve themselves, so, stay tuned for more as we bring new sessions every month which will be done by our own rotaractors!

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