Around 60 Rotaractors were gathered around the coastline of the beaches of Wellawatte all the way to Baraccuda on an early Saturday morning, piles and piles of plastic debris has gathered around the beaches again and these rotaractors were set on a goal to to make the coastlines clear again.Hands in gloves and some faces partly covered by disposable nose masks, they burrowed rakes into the sandy shores of the beach, unearthing plastic bottle caps, flip-flops, syringes, styrofoam containers, toys, lollipop sticks, earbuds, toothbrushes, discarded nets, and beer bottles and ended up collecting a ton of plastic! Where all the metal objects were given to welding businesses and the rest was sent for recycling!

But, one of the biggest questions these days is; Do beach clean ups really make a difference?

We agree, in reality beach clean ups only remove a very small proportion of the trash that’s out there but still, it’s better than doing nothing about it. Picking up plastic will still prevent those pieces from entangling animals and ending up in the bellies of seabirds. Experts also say that there is a psychological factor to it, they have an impact in our heads as that which they have on the environment, it makes people think about plastic and by that it changes the way they perceive it, people will stop using more plastic and it will encourage them to move into more environmentally friendly ways.

Often, people feel helpless in what they can do about how the world is changing and facing these environmental problems so having an experience like this and making people feel like they can actually make a difference even if it’s the slightest thing is our goal and this can lead to further change like them wanted to make that impact bigger. This is why we urge everyone to keep doing what they do because even the slightest change can make a difference in someone’s life!