“Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to answer all the questions “– William Allin

“Fellowship Through Service” which is the unofficial motto of Rotaract means to forge new relationships with people by serving the community. District 3220 brings in no difference- in serving the community, and the Rotaract Club of IIT, in its 9th Charter year, introduced one of its ground-breaking community service projects along with the corporate giant, Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd, named “E-Mithudama”.

E-mithudama is a project based around the core objectives of helping school children from rural, underprivileged areas of the country to support and uplift their computer literacy. Rotaract Club of IIT was inspired by the opportunity they could provide by partnering up with distinguished organizations to deliver the younger generation of our country with the touch of advanced technology that the world is currently experiencing.

The basic ideology of the project is to use laptops and desktops that are left to be dumped, to build “X-Labs” in ten underprivileged schools each year. Each device is tested to check if they are in a working condition, filtered, then given a proper cleanup and they are sealed, to be transported to select schools. Once every 5 years the schools will have their labs renewed with new devices, adding value to the project due to its focus on sustainability. Once the lab is set up and is open to be used, sessions on basic computing are conducted on how to use a computer, Microsoft Office, etc. so the students are given an introductory path for guidance in their computer literacy. Apart from this, a separate session is conducted for the mentors and teachers of these students to get ahead with their teaching and tutoring.

“E-MIthudama” was recognized for its excellence since its first year by winning the 29th Rotaract District Assembly and then going on to win Rotaract South-Asia’s Most Outstanding Community Service award and has held its standard to this day.

With the help of Unilever, we were able to provide 6 fully functional labs for 6 different schools in 2021.

“E- Mithudama” has grown to be one of RACIIT’s ground-breaking signature community service projects, a promising project that brings light to different communities all around the nation, so that one day in the future we can raise ourselves as one, cherishing the impact we have brought to others.

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