The awards, the recognition and the inspiration we have achieved through the hard work of our members in the Rotaract Club of IIT is extraordinary. After all, our amazing project initiations and memories that were made will be remembered for a lifetime. So, every year we have decided to have one day that redefines our bond as a club -The Club Trip.

This year’s club trip was to a well-known campsite named “The Border Camping” which is situated in Ulpane, Kandy. Unlike the last years, this project was under both, the Professional Development and Club Service Avenue. This was because we, as a club, still need to improve on our teamwork and leadership skills.

The club trip took place on the 1st of September. By 6.00am in the morning all the members gathered by IIT premises and got prepared for the exciting day ahead. After travelling for a total of 3 hours through city streets and narrow village roads we finally arrived at our destination. Standing in the middle of a beautiful scenery of mountains and forests, with the river flowing next to it, the Border Camping gave a welcoming impression to all our members. We were greeted with a welcome drink, followed by an introduction given to us by the founder of the campsite about the place and their services. Without further delay we changed into suitable clothes for water activities. In no time all our curious and enthusiastic members were suited up with safety equipment and were off to start the first activity which was river crossing. We descended down a small mountain slope to the river banks as the instructors explained how the river behaves and what we should do in case of an emergency. A tight rope was put across the river, and we were supposed to cross the river from one side to the other holding the rope. At first it looks like a simple activity but then when you get down to the river and start moving forward in that freezing cold water it comes to a point where you can’t feel the river bed anymore and you go afloat and feel the current trying to drag you away. It was definitely an exciting activity.

While the other members completed river crossing, people who finished it moved on to the next activity which was to slide downstream in a rapid which looked very adventurous. In the activity you have to jump in the middle of the river and let the rapid carry you downstream. As soon as you jump you get the adrenaline rush and you try to navigate through the rapid without hitting yourself on boulders. This experience was one of those great moments that you won’t ever forget.

After this we had our lunch by the river banks which was really good and rested for a while until the next activities were started. In the meantime, we took some great photos to remember our time at the “The Border Camping”.

Then after some time we started the third activity which was Kayaking . This was an interesting activity as none of the members have had the experience in rowing a kayak. We were divided into groups of two and were given a kayak with oars. All members had fun rowing, flipping their kayaks and trying to get back on it. It was fun struggling to row the kayak upstream with current pushing us downstream.

After Kayaking most of the members were tired and since the sun was already setting only a few had the chance to try out the final activity; Cliff jumping. In this activity we were to climb a rocky cliff and jump to the middle of a fast moving rapid and the border adventure guides caught us when we were dragged downstream. Out of all the activities we did at border camping this was the most intense activity and it was not for the faint hearted. Once our members finished this activity it was almost dark, so we started walking back to the lodge on a narrow path through the forest, climbing up a steep mountain barefoot. Finally, we made it to the lodge only to see that our legs were covered with leeches. For some of us this was the first encounter we ever had with leeches and the border camp staff gave us a huge support to remove the leeches and stop the bloodshed. Then we cleansed ourselves and got ready for the final ride home.

The Club Trip was not the only way to appreciate all the hard work the members have put into this club but also might be just what is needed to liven up team productivity, morale, and teamwork. It can help everyone rekindle their creativity and teamwork by relaxing together and is also a great way to strengthen bonds and build relationships between the members. All the members who participated for the trip agreed that this year’s Club Trip was the best by far and all they could do is to wait for the next where the assurance of being a part of an even better trip is there!

club trip 2018 1
club trip 2018 2