Christmas is celebrated worldwide on December 25. It is primarily a Christian holiday. But in modern times, the celebration of Christmas has transcended religious lines and turned into a symbol of a holistic culture. December winters have a cheerful atmosphere.
Christmas day is something where we all lookup to. A window to escape your day-to-day life and enjoy a day of relaxation and a good time with the family while for some Christmas is a day full of happiness, tearing through the wrapping paper and unboxing the new toys Santa has left them. Christmas is indeed a holiday which can be enjoyed by all ages.

The tree’s sparkle with lights and kids out in their yards playing with the snow, Christmas is indeed a merry time where everyone is united and in peace Christmas is also something many kids look forward to as they get awarded with brand new toys and treats for being good throughout the year although some kids are scared as they dont want to be on santa’s naughty list.

For families and friends who wish to spend their Christmas vacation in a good location, holiday plans are also arranged. Saving money for these plans should be the first step in all of these preparations because people typically spend a lot of money on Christmas.

At 11:59 at night, a countdown begins, and as it reaches 12:00 midnight, people shout in excitement. To commemorate the occasion, Christmas carols are sung on radio and television. Most families begin their outings by attending church, where musical performances and singing are done. Later, they get together with their families to celebrate with food and music while exchanging gifts. Christmas joy is unlike any other.

Written by : Rtr. Thulana Thidaswin

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