What’s a club without a bond? RACIIT has been going strong for years with new members coming in every year with the new intakes that come in and with over 300 members it is sometimes hard to keep track or there are many faces that don’t seem familiar, to overcome this and to have a bonding session within our club we organized the annual club trip, this time to the beaches of Negombo. With almost a month of planning we finally decided on where to go from our minds going down south, up north, and taking the train, we finally decided to settle with negombo. Taking off at 6 am in a wonderful morning and Renting out a bus for everyone on the journey from Colombo to negombo with the usual music and dancing playing along to give company, we finally arrived at the hotel that we have booked for the day to enjoy a day full of relaxation and making memories and friends along the way.

On the shore of the ocean with the sounds of waves and wind we found a hotel for our rotaractors to spend their day at, arriving there at about 11am everyone settles in to the environment while going on a walk along the beach and even meeting new friends along the way! Starting off with a game of dodgeball between the girls and the guys to a friendly game of football on the beach, our rotaractors then went in to have a wonderful Sri Lankan lunch and ended off in the pool right afterwards to enjoy the day! We see Interactions and bonding between the members to be one of our specialities to get our numbers at every event and to make every project of ours successful the help and support of each and everyone of our members is needed.

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