A New and Inspiring Introduction of House Systems to RACIIT

“Unity is strength… When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie J. T. Stepanek. 

RACIIT is always finding innovative ways to increase the togetherness and unity between each other. As a result of this, RACIIT has introduced the concept of “RACIIT Houses” to allow members to learn values such as co-operation, collaboration and victory.The houses of RACIIT go by the names of Ares, Kratos, Poseidon, Zeus and Athena.

The club has decided to initiate this idea because we always believe that we can reach greater heights and accomplishments if we work together as a team. RACIIT is confident that the introduction of the house system will become a great support system for the members and that it will help everyone to be self aware of the concept of unity while having fun. As of now, house members have actively participated in various competitions and the feedback regarding this initiative is extremely positive. 

The positive feedback includes a fellow house member from Kratos saying that this was a good stepping stone to interact and connect with university students, specially because the pandemic put a halt to physical education and the opportunity to meet new individuals was limited. Zeus house members also agreed that the house system was an effective way to communicate with new people while competing.

Aries house members voiced that the RACIIT house system has made the club more productive. It encouraged each Rotaract member to identify their strengths and feel rewarded for each contribution they’ve made for the club. They also stated that the friendly competition between houses helped them complete projects at a faster pace. 

To add to the promising feedback, a Poseidon house member expressed that they enjoyed taking part in the events, and helped greatly in socialising and making new friends and countless memories. Despite the fact that they competed against other houses in the inter-house events, they were all treated as if they were in the same house at the end of the day. 

We as a club have realised the uncountable benefits that come from this house system and this will be a great method to empower the youth of tomorrow, which will always be one of our main priorities. This will not only open new avenues in terms of events and campaigns, but also greatly influence the sense of comradeship between each other and help impact RACIIT in the best way possible.

So far the competition between the clubs have been going actively with Poseidon being in first place for the past consecutive months. However  things can change in the months to come and we shall see who finally wins the trophy of the best RACIIT House for the year 2021-2022. 

Written by : Rtr. Tharidhi

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