A Journey of my life by Doleh Khan

Let Me Introduce myself as Doleh Khan, I am a highly motivated aspirant with a desire to learn something new in my field of interest. At a young age after losing Father, I was unable to decide whether to go for study or work, so I chose both. I started doing a local job as a waiter. My family belongs very backward area in Umerkot, Sindh, their earning (income) were very low to fulfill the requirements of my dream education. I was born Village at Haji Muhammad Baig Jakhro, my date of birth is 05–05–2001, city of Umerkot Sindh, my Baba was passed away in 2005, and a few years later my late elder brother had also passed away in 2014. However, can’t you feel it was a very horrible shock for not only me but the whole family too?

“Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.” (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

During this difficult time, my elder brother played a very important role he not only undertook all those responsibilities, at the early age of 23, but he educated us and fully supported us with financial burdens. I believe that without his precious role, today I won’t be here to write something about my life. I saw a dream for achieving higher education, but this dream was proved by this man and now I have been doing study at the University of Sindh Jamshoro, I have been doing a bachelor’s (BS) In Gender Studies, I wish to work for the causes of community, human rights, women’s rights, and Gender Equality in Pakistan. I want to work for women’s awareness, concerned with Women’s Studies, and for those women who are facing these problems in the name of weakness male dominance unable to raise their voices. I want to write about these issues by raising my voice by social and political media, thorough I have the vision to do something for my area’s children, including young girls, boys, who belong to a very poor family and they are unable to achieve their financial needs that’s why they are not going to school, getting a good education, because of their financial matter.

At this stage, I made a strategy with my efforts and struggle for doing something positive and productive legitimate work for those Girls and Boys. Every month I used to collect little money from my Family members, Neighbors, Friends, and society’s waders, for those Orphan Girls, and Boys who are unable to continue their studies. I use good communication, inspire them from my work, After all the whole collection up to 3000 thousand Pakistani rupees, I used to buy Copies, Pens, Pencils, books, and some food. Every month I am going to distribute them to little girls and boys for only they continue their education, and become decision-makers for their own life.

Whenever I used to speak about my School’s Education

My school’s life was not great, I was keen, as I needed to be there however I generally used to occupied myself into fields of working, for example, serving to senior sibling in selling wood, Cutting woods, nearby work as well as grass cutting, my mom used to swing of neighbors. I used to invest my life a significant energy under the enthusiasm of my family members since I accepted that there could have been no different choices to carry on with life.I used to proceed with my schooling through the difficult stretch of my life, and to the surprise of no one, I just had finished my schooling through close to my town Primary school, Government young men school Haji Muhammad Beg Jakhro, afterword I passed my SSC training, at their equivalent school. Then for HSC or school training, I begin joining Govt, Boys Degree Collage Umerkot, in 2016. I select the Medical field, and that was the brilliant a great time there not just become ready to join a confidential Center which used to be called Right Solutions Institution Computer greatness, yet my significant time contributed at the library, called Sami Foundation, I some way or another superior my English degree of talking, in addition to joined Computer courses classes as well, and additional opportunity to provide for my old books, for example, eighth and seventh class books. Today I can talk before individuals in the English language, Well information about PCs, Data section, Resume, powerful Presentation, and that’s just the beginning.

Written by : Rtr. Doleh Khan

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