Food Drive

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to have food, water and the most essential things in life at times. You and I are humans and we need the basic needs that include shelter, food, clothing and basic fundamental human rights. The vulnerable people too, are humans. If you cannot survive without food, what makes you think that homeless/poor people can? People living on the streets can get sick easily and die due to lack of food because their immune system is already weakened and compromised.

There are hundreds of people in our country who don’t have 3 meals in a day and they either scrape for food or they are out on the streets begging the pass buyers to spare some. There are so many starving individuals living on the road and we wanted to make a difference by collecting lunch packets off students who come daily to our institute.

We asked them to pack an extra lunch packet and we successfully collected around 45 packets and started going around Wellawatte looking for unlucky children and adults. After distributing all the lunch packets that were collected we went back to IIT premises without hearts filled with content. The committee was very happy with how successfully It was concluded and took our group photo to end the day on a good note.


In the fight to stamp out hunger, food banks play a key role by securing billions of pounds of food each year and distributing it to millions of people in need. You can help fight hunger in your local community by holding a food drive in your neighborhood, office, place of worship or school. Helping your local food bank stock up can also help your community be better prepared for emergencies, as demand on food banks often grows during a disaster or crisis. And hunger knows no borders, with serious challenges in high- and low-income nations alike.

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