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We have been in this quarantine period for long enough and we finally gave into human nature and found a way to enjoy these times even with the constraints we had because of quarantine. The all-time classic party game that we all know, and love is something we wanted to bring back during this period of time. What better way is there to get to know our friends and classmates better than a good game of Truth or Dare. The most embarrassing moments the deepest darkest secrets and all the taboo topics are all allowed when playing Truth or Dare.

Hence, the Rotaract Club of IIT decided to bring the game of “Truth or Dare” to you through online platforms during quarantine. The rules are the same as we all know, players take turns asking one another “truth or dare?” The host chooses random questions or dares and presents them to the participant according to their decision. This was held on the 18th of July 2020 via Google Meets. We were able to gather up a huge number of participants which consisted of around 70 members.

Since this was supposed to be a competition, we wanted to spice things up, a few guidelines for each game were put down. Each round, a team was given 2 truths and 3 dares. The maximum number of rounds a team could go for was 5 and each team was given 30 minutes. The goal was to get as much as points possible within 30 minutes and the only way they could achieve this was by telling the hard and embarrassing truth or doing the bizarre dares that the host asks them to do. The points were assigned by a set of moderators and scorekeepers. A maximum score of 10 could be obtained according to the performance given by the participant. Every participant was supposed to turn on their web cameras throughout the game.

The most exciting part of this game was the chance to get to know each player on a deeper and personal level. Since we did not have the chance to meet our friends this was a great opportunity for them to have some fun together. There were many outrageous dares that people were asked to do and it was such an entertaining project. There so many outstanding performances that consisted of amusing dance moves, acting out the process of childbirth, rap about the favourite person in their team and many more. Everyone gave their best and brought loads of hilarious fun throughout the play. The game came to an end with Rtr. Shahadha Halaldeen, Rtr. Dinuri Vitharana, Rtr. Shimar Ahamed and Rtr. Prathlosh Paramasivam emerging victorious by being the bravest of them all and not letting any dare stop them.  It was such a fun experience to witness the contestants make each other blush with complete embarrassment and stutter while they were giving their painfully truthful answer. Must say that the given dares were at a reasonable level of craziness, so no one was injured and the cops did not get called. 

Indeed, this was a game of pure entertainment and fun with memorable moments. It was such an energizing way to connect with our friends even though it was not the typical way to play the game. Perhaps therefore it shall remain as a very memorable experience for all of us who participated!

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