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Hotdog showdown 2020

Hotdog Showdown is the signature event of the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology (RACIIT) since 2014, first started at our very own common room within IIT premises which has since been evolved from just a hotdog eating competition to now a food festival that is held at Green Path with numerous stalls, celebrity guest appearances, a motor show and many more. Hotdog showdown is done as a part of our public relations avenue and is an award winning project that won gold for the most outstanding PR project at the Rotaract District Assembly of 2018 and Silver in 2019.


All the proceedings from the project will be invested in RACIIT’s main community service project  E-Mithudama which is a project proposed by the Rotaract Club of IIT, under the Community Service and Professional Developments Avenues. Based around the core objective of helping school children from rural, underprivileged areas of the country- to support and uplift their computer literacy by partnering up with Unilever Sri Lanka Limited, RACIIT will be involved in searching for schools that has the minimum set of resources to maintain desktops mainly, and laptops. After the device refresh Unilever Sri Lanka Limited does at the end of every year, the devices that are left behind to be disposed will be utilized for said schools during the course of this project.

Bright and early on the 15th of February, trucks and stalls were set up in line along the pavements of Green Path, a stage setup with tables, counters and our beverages provided by Coca Cola, waiting for the start of the hotdog eating competition, one by one the competitors came in registering themselves for the competition. The aroma of freshly prepared delicious hotdogs from Prima filled the area and the competition started at 1 PM with all the contestants hungry and ready to compete for the rounds. Separate rounds were set up for males and females, where 3 from each category were given recognition and were handed out coupons from our sponsors and partners.The highest number of hotdogs eaten by our winner from the male category was 5! Parallelly with the competition we had a crowd of around 5000 who came in during the event to check out the multiple stalls that were present where a 40% cashback was provided by Frimi , the motor show that brought in the coolest cars with the presence of Dilantha Malagamuwa and of course the evening concert which featured La Bandos, Watalappan and our very own band from IIT, Harmonic Distortion and not to forget the Sri Lankan sensation IRAJ! The evening was filled with music and dancing and finally commenced with of course the signature dance of RACIIT.

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