Hotdog Showdown – The Game

Hotdog Showdown, the signature project organized by the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology, has traveled a long ride to the present since it first took off in 2012 as a very minor scale competition which took place at the IIT premises itself- to a well renowned and massive event presented as a fusion of a Hotdog eating competition, food festival and entertainment performances, covering Green Path with thousands of spectators and competitors from all corners of the country, by 2019. A core motive concealing behind the exceeded benchmarks of success repeatedly for over six years is, because of RACIIT’s genuine devotedness to rise above the ordinary and traditional approaches. Hence, the event is upgraded by attaching brand new accessories each year, magnifying its significance and recognition progressively.


Hotdog Showdown 2019 triggered its biggest shot of evolution that RACIIT has ever offered by launching its very own mobile game on the 21st of March 2019, named as “Hotdog Showdown The Game” which is now available to download for free via Play Store for all the android users. Immediately after the application was launched together with the ear shattering countdown from the RACIIT family, the download count started boosting up rapidly. It managed to grab everyone’s attention undoubtedly since they are left with no other option than to give it a go, when their favorite Hotdog eating competition landed as a game.


The developer credits of this fascinating Hotdog Showdown game is rewarded to none other than our very own Rtr. Hiruna Himantha, founder of Hiruna Studios, who is also a Third year Computer and Information Science undergraduate at IIT and an absolute genius when it comes to developing video games. Finding his own Game Developing company, ‘Hiruna Studios’ at a young age, he enumerated his creativity and skills to produce the first ever mobile game for the signature project of IIT making it massive success from the first go itself and took the overall project in to greater heights. He constantly got the inputs from the organizing committee of Hotdog Showdown and worked tirelessly to provide the best gaming experience to the user. The mesmerizing music and UI design of the game was achieved with the courtesy of external assistance which gave this game a unique touch and a stand out from the crowd.


General concept of the game is to use the slingshot to target at the hotdogs on top of the towers with contrasted structures and where various sorts of barriers or blockages will appear occasionally in each level, and you will only be granted with three lives per one try, which together will disturb easy victory, and the degree of difficulty is gradually elevated from one level to the next, where it collectively consists of 10 exciting levels. It also comprises with an inbuilt option where you can share your scores via Facebook or WhatsApp and invite your friends to install the Hotdog Showdown game and share the joy. And certainly, they are going to get so hungry that they will want to play it till they win it.


Since the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology is a club with an urge to never stand still, be anticipated to witness the best which is yet to come in the years ahead, as we await to upgrade into new versions and expand our brilliance to a vast community in the name of “Hotdog Showdown- The Game”.

Download the game :

Written by : Rtr. Mahen Dunusinghe

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