RACIIT 10 years in Rotaract

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

And that is exactly what Rotaract Club of IIT is all about. A committed group of youngsters coming from different areas, cultures and roots working towards the common goal of making the world we live in a better place by taking care of the it’s environment and people. RACIIT strongly believes that we cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about the progress and prosperity for our community; our ambition must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others for their sakes and our own.
Rotaract Club of IIT inaugurated as a charter club on 24th April of 2010 under the parental guidance of Rotary Club of Nugegoda. Under the strong and positive leadership of Rtr. Tanya Senaratne our club was able to win the Best Charter Club of the year award along with the Silver award in International Services Avenue. Over the past years our club was lucky enough to be guided by a band of great Presidents namely being Rtr. Wishwa Perera, Rtr. Jehan De Silva, Rtr. Dilshan Kottegoda, Rtr. Punith Gunasekara, Rtr. Shenal Mendis, Rtr. Romesh Thiruchchelvam and currently Rtr. Vimukthi Gunarathna. Each of them focused on a specific area in each of their years in order to make the club a well rounded successful club and to bring it to the extraordinary level that it has reached today. With their continuous instructions and advices the club was able to secure a close to 20 awards along the years. We were able to win multiple awards for different aspects of Hotdog Showdown, Club’s signature Project for many years. Rotaract Club of IIT comprises of more than 200+ member base who are all dedicated and competent youngsters ready to change the world even by the smallest means which could go a long way.
The culture and good work of Rotaract has influenced many of the youngsters studying at IIT to develop their lives in many ways. From improving their public speaking ability to believing in themselves, achieving greater things by working as a team, analyzing the burning problems in the society and provide them with timely solutions to many more Rotaract Club of IIT has become the proud mother who sheltered and molded the lives of many by the time they enter the society at the end of completing their university career.

In celebration of this great milestone of being in Rotaract for 10 years, Rotaract Club of IIT thought to dedicate this entire year of 2018-19 for that. We made this a reality by introducing few brand new project to the RACIIT project Catalog like “E-mithudama”, “Beyond Braille” and “Seva” which are from two of the strongest avenues of RACIIT; Community Service and International Services. With our main focus this year being sustainability we were able to infuse that to all these projects. Project “E-mithudama” is building computer labs for schools in rural areas in order to strengthen the computer literacy of students studying in such schools. To thrust this project we have partnered up with one of the corporate giants in the country; Unilever Sri Lanka who has provided the hardware devices to build the model X-labs in selected schools and once every 4 years the devices in the labs will be replaced with new devices from Unilever. Beyond Braille is a project done by RACIIT to help out the blind and deaf schools in Sri Lanka and to uplift the lives of children living in them. This project have multiple phases to it; from conducting entertainment day outs, Eye donation sign up camps, Renovating children’s hostels to Talent shows and many more. Seva is an International Services Project where rotaractors from Rotaract Clubs of Western Australia and Rotaract Club of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology came down to Sri Lanka to carry out multiple projects around the country. Both the groups were able to carry out their fair share of Community Service, Professional Development and many more other projects from different avenues. In the coming years a series of projects have been planned to carry out collaboratively with both these clubs which will help to strengthen the International understanding between the countries and positively impacting a larger crowd.
Since the charter day of the club Rotaract Club of IIT has come along way striving become one of the best performing Clubs in Rotaract District 3220. From increasing our member base to increasing the number of projects we did for an year, our club has advanced the overall quality of the projects we did along with the impact we did to the society we living thereby setting a high standard to our club within the rotaract community.

We wish RACIIT to continue to keep its legacy through the years to come and to produce abundance of honest, compassionate, respectful, responsible and courageous youngsters to the society in years to come as each of them can make a huge difference in the community they love in thereby changing the world someday.

Written by : Rtr. Imesha Mendis

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