Hotdog Showdown 2019

The sizzling chicken sausages filled the whole of Green Path with its aroma that makes everybody’s stomachs churn with delight. It was a huge a day for the Rotaract club of IIT with hosting their signature project for the 7th Consecutive year. It was the usual sunny day and it was perfect for a massive food festival because everyone needed something to let out their exam stress on.

HOTDOG SHOWDOWN is the signature project organized by the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology(RACIIT). It began in 2014 at the common room of IIT premises it has since evolved from a simple hotdog eating competition to a food festival that celebrates all walks of life in food, music and talent undiscovered. It is a public relations project that won the Gold award for the Most Outstanding PR project at the Rotaract District Assembly of 2018 and this year’s Hotdog Showdown lived up to that expectation too.

The Food Festival started at 10:30am as scheduled, we got a good crowd of over 4500 people ranging from Rotaractors, Interactors and General Public. The Competition started at 1:30pm and we had a tough competition this time as everyone came hungry and was ready to take the trophy home. We had separate rounds for males and females, from which 3 from each category were given recognition and were handed complimentary gifts from our generous Sponsors and Partners. The highest number of Hot-dogs eaten by the Winner this time from the Male Category was a whopping 7 hotdogs which was really unbelievable to see.

Apart from the Competition we had a lot of crowd gathered for the Food Festival which included around 40 stalls making it one of the biggest food festivals happened in Colombo. A lot of people gathered to the later part of the event when the evening musical Concert began, the performances from few of our very own were all very breathtaking. We had Ashanya, Chanuka, Watalapan, Andánte, Darlings and the Singing Potatoes on stage mesmerizing the crowd with their extraordinary talents. A state of the art Gaming Station was conducted by SLT e-sports which had the major youth attraction throughout the event. A grand Motor Show took place in the evening with the presence of Mr.Dilantha Malagamuwa Sri Lankan racing Legend featuring his world renowned Lamborghini which was one of the highlights of Hotdog Showdown’ 19. This year, the Event was made on a Free WiFi Zone made by SLT and mCash had a flat 50% off on all purchases at Stalls at HDS 19. Overall the Event was much enjoyed by all those who came for it irrespective of their ages and the organizing committee received a lot of positive feedback at the end of the day as to how the Event was organized. This has just made all of us motivated to do even bigger Hotdog Showdown next year and surprise everyone with each passing year. A huge thanks is given to all our sponsors for joining hands with us to make this event a massive success.

Sponsors and Partners Details-

1. Main Sponsor- Prima Treats
2. Official Online Media Partner- Impulse
3. Official Radio Partners- Kiss FM,Real Radio and Siyatha FM
4. Official Television Partner- SIyatha TV
5. Official Digital Payment Partner-Mobitel mCash
6. Official Telecommunication Partner – Mobitel
7. Official Clothing Partner- TShirt Geek
8. Official Educational Partner – Informatics Institute of Technology
9. Official Print Media Partner- The Sunday Times and The Education Times
10.Official Lifestyle Media Partner-Pulse
11.Official LED Screen & Advertising Partner-Storm Media
12.Official Gaming Partner- Hiruna Studios
13.Official Entertainment Partner- Zineth Events
14.Online Promotional
15.Magazine Partner- Lanka Woman
16.Official Photography Partners-Nowyouseeme ,Design Bros, Extrusion Studios ,Insignis,Janith Nirmana Photography
17.Official Gift Partners- Mount Lavinia Hotel, ,The Tree House,Coffee Colombo
18.Official Youth Magazine Partner-Chokolaate
19.Printing Partner- ADCore Creative Pvt Ltd
20.Official Technical Partner-Sri Lanka Telecom

Written by : Rtr. Mahen Dunusinghe


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