Hotdog Showdown Nostalgia!

The heat intensifies, and the aroma of fresh hotdogs are invading your olfactory senses as time passes by to close-in at the most exclusive event hosted by the Rotaract Club of IIT. The time is where your nostalgia hits its epitome- taste buds start to tingle and your stomach to rumble. It has almost been an year since our Signature Project “Hotdog Showdown 2018”. After all these, months and days of clenching your fists for this very day to come- it’s closing in, and surely is worth the wait.

Hotdog Showdown is a massive event which defines us as the Rotaract Club of IIT and our the Signature Project, expands its edge, every time. Last year we went from a hotdog-eating competition to a large-scale food festival and this time plans are on taking Hotdog Showdown to the next level. With an ample count of stalls – few to name, Pizza Hut, Snow Monkey, Harpos Pizza, Belmio Pizza, The Cauldron Mexican foods, The Road house, and Panini Express, we also had performances from our talented RACIIT members and number of more guest appearances, that brought the best sense of entertainment to the event.

Inclusive of the food festival was the of course the most anticipated hotdog eating competition with the highlight from last year being the state-of-the-art counter device that sent the competitor registration IDs and the number of eaten hotdogs to a database to analyze the results of the competition. This was programmed by one of very own  talented RACIIT member appending the modern technology to traditional competition.

History of Hotdog Showdown runs back to our very own Common Room of IIT, where tables were arranged on either sides to serve up the hotdogs. It started off as a small project but with all the hard work put into it for the sixth consecutive year it has grown to scale of a food festival visited by thousands.

As to what you can expect this year, in a better sense, it is the sixth successive year of Hotdog Showdown breaking its boundaries in unprecedented sequences- higher count of stalls and the best experience ever at a Hotdog eating competition.

Over the years, we have been able to bring down well-known celebrities and it will be the same this year- with celebrities bringing in the extra glamour to Hotdog Showdown- and get your selfie cams ready because you might get your chance to meet your favorite celebrity. Last year it definitely started off with a bang and the momentum was there till the final drop- with an after party to the end of the night by DJ Trevin Dekker.

To all the food lovers and carnival lovers out there, Hotdog Showdown 2019 is expected to bring about everything from last year- fine-tuned to a whole lot more exceeding your expectations. So prepare yourselves to be surprised with a whole new level this year bigger, better, juicer, tastier hotdogs and unexpected surprises! Don’t miss your chance this year to witness this great event and be a part of it!

Written by – Rtr.Mahen Dunusinghe

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